The Crippling Effect of Agency vs. Core Staffing

In the not so far past, it appeared that the nursing shortage problem in America was only an issue that was well known in the healthcare industry. However, due to changes in everyday patient care, public awareness of RN sign-on bonuses and nursing school loan forgiveness programs, it seems like more and more are well aware of just how bad the shortage has become. What the general public is likely unaware of is that hospitals are being put into the tough position of having to reach out to hiring agencies just to meet their regular staffing requirements. This may not appear to be a critical issue at first glance, but when you look at the numbers, it is evident that hospitals cannot thrive in the current situation. Agency staffing costs hospitals much more than core staffing; plain and simple.

It is common sense that patient care is at its best when a hospital is appropriately staffed. Numerous studies show that when understaffed, patient outcomes and mortality rates are significantly affected. Couple this knowledge with the reality of the current nursing shortage and the tough predicament that hospitals are in is straightforward to see. Because of these key factors, hospitals are being put in the position of having to hire nurses from agencies at a steeper cost than they would have to under better circumstances.

Why do agency nurses cost hospitals more than core staff nurses? That’s an easy one. When it comes to agency nurses, there is a middleman making a profit. Agencies can capitalize on the desperate need that U.S. hospitals are facing to meet just basic staffing requirements. With core staff, the hospital is directly paying the basic RN rate plus benefits, while with agency nurses, the hospital is also paying the agency price to secure staffing.

So if the shortage is such a problem and agency nurses cost hospitals so much, what is the solution?

CE Health Careers has a successful history of taking these types of seemingly lose-lose situations and turning them into financially benefiting and patient care boosting scenarios. By pre-screening their RN clientele to find highly qualified and ready to relocate registered nurses, CE Health Careers can provide hospitals with the unique opportunity to fill their core staffing requirements without having to continually dish out the extra funding for agency nurses. Through both open and exclusive events, CE Health Careers creates mutually benefiting events for both the RN and hospital. No contracts, no extra fees, just one reasonable registration rate for an unlimited number of hires.



With an average bill rate of $60 per hour, the hospital is paying a $25 premium per hour; that is $52,000 per nurse per year in savings. Imagine the savings over time of hiring on core staff rather than reaching out to a profit-driven agency.

With the tough issues of under-staffing and under-funding, why not utilize the expertise of CE Health Careers to create long-term solutions to these two key issues?

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